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Russian flag drone at the Reichstag: Flight ban ignored

A man has managed to fly a drone with a Russian flag at the Reichstag building even though there is a flight ban on drones there. The incident took place on May 9 and police are now investigating a violation of the Aviation Act.

Footage of the flight is currently circulating on social networks. The drone flew at a height of about 20 meters over Friedrich-Ebert-Platz on the eastern side of the Reichstag building. A criminal complaint was filed by the Berlin State Police due to the violation of the Aviation Act.

Within a radius of 5.6 kilometers around the Bundestag, a flight restriction area has been established, in which flights with drones are only allowed with approval. This is for security reasons due to possible attacks and espionage risks.

The drone pilot, who is known as a supporter of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, was identified by police. He is said to have damaged Ukrainian symbols in Potsdam before and painted the “Z” symbol on the tower of the former state parliament building.

The flight on May 9, the day of the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany, brings back memories of the iconic photo from May 1945, in which a Soviet soldier raises the red flag over the Reichstag. However, this photo was only taken two days after the actual event, for propaganda purposes.



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