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The techcraft revolution in Ukraine

Techcraft is on full display in Ukraine as soldiers use a combination of tactics and technology to defend their country. This creative approach, known as Techcraft, has not only enabled Ukrainian soldiers to survive Russia's attack but also to make progress, particularly in 2022. Techcraft involves the improvised use of technology in war and it is imperative that American soldiers have that advantage in combat.

Ukrainian soldiers have shown a high level of techcraft, which manifests itself as an innovative force on the battlefield by using existing military equipment and even civilian technologies such as drones, robots, and radio-controlled vehicles to gain a tactical advantage. Ukraine's tech-savvy population has volunteered, which enables them to adapt quickly to changing technologies on the battlefield.

The war in Ukraine has emphasized the importance of expanding the capabilities of soldiers to maintain national sovereignty. By integrating small unmanned aircraft systems and 3D-printed attachments, soldiers can develop their techcraft capabilities. For example, soldiers have developed tailor-made drone attachments that can transport loads to destinations with high accuracy.

The US Army must prioritize Techcraft's growth in its formations to stay ahead in modern warfare. Leaders can encourage soldiers with Techcraft skills to help solve challenging problems during training and missions. Soldiers should be given the necessary resources and time to experiment and test their ideas. Executives must also be present in the techcraft sector to overcome emerging risks and challenges.

Sharing lessons and designs across the armed forces is critical to scaling TechCraft capabilities. Soldiers should be able to drive innovation and share their developments across the army to enable continuous improvement through an iterative design cycle. By inviting, enabling, leading, and sharing techcraft skills, leaders can ensure the fighter's success on the ground.

In summary, Techcraft is rapidly evolving and the army must be prepared to adapt to the changing war landscape. By adopting a techcraft mentality and learning from the lessons of the war in Ukraine, leaders can develop their servicemen's skills to effectively integrate technology on the battlefield. The pace of technological change is relentless and Techcraft is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage in modern warfare.

War on the Rocks


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