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A country's security: Is Germany prepared for drone attacks?

A country's security: Is Germany prepared for drone attacks?

The security of a country is an issue that is discussed again and again. In Germany in particular, there is the question of how well the country is protected against the threat posed by drones, particularly at airports and military sites.

In recent years, more and more drones have been spotted over or near Bundeswehr properties and training areas. Experts suspect that foreign intelligence agencies, particularly from Russia, are using drones to spy on training sites for Ukrainian soldiers in Germany.

The Bundeswehr has certain drone defense capabilities whose exact systems are kept secret. There are detection systems that detect suspicious drones and portable jammers that can repel aircraft. However, experts such as Manuel Pinten, operations manager at Aaronia, criticize the fact that drone defense is not sufficient to adequately protect all Bundeswehr properties.

In the Eifel region, Aaronia produces the Aartos drone defense system, which can detect drones at a distance of 80 kilometers and forces them to make an emergency landing. Other countries, such as Austria and Australia, are already using similar defense systems. However, there are concerns about the slow purchase of drone defense systems by the Bundeswehr.

German commercial airports also still lack suitable defense systems against drones. The Federal Police is responsible for defense, but does not have comprehensive technology. Drones have been increasingly spotted at German airports in recent years, particularly at Frankfurt Airport.

Research projects such as “FALKE” are looking for drone defense solutions at airports. Interceptor drones have been developed which use a network to capture enemy drones and bring them safely to the ground. Despite promising results, the question remains open as to whether and when such systems will be used across the board.

Overall, it is clear that Germany still has some catching up to do in drone defense, both at airports and at Bundeswehr locations. Effective drone defense requires close cooperation between security agencies, politicians and technology companies to ensure the country's safety.

Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


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