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Asylon achieves ninth waiver and new FAA approval for BVLOS drone operations

NORRISTOWN, Penn.: April 24, 2024 — Asylon, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has received new approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for drone operations beyond line of sight (BVLOS) using its American-made drone in-box system. This milestone approval for the Asylon DroneEntry system represents a significant step forward in regulatory approval that will expand the practicality and effectiveness of drones on a large scale.

Following the previous eight FAA waivers for its comprehensive safety drone service, this permit eliminates the need for on-site personnel during flight operations at a customer's site. With over 40,000 fully automated commercial safety drone missions already completed, this permit is the result of extensive testing and collaboration with the FAA to ensure the safety and reliability of the DronesEntry drone in box system. The company has demonstrated its ability to safely and efficiently operate the system in various environments and conditions, paving the way for its widespread deployment and use in various commercial and industrial environments. This latest BVLOS success underscores the company's commitment to safety, reliability, and advancement in drone technology.

One notable aspect of this permit is the use of Asylon's 24/7 Robotics Security Operations Center (RSOC) as a remote pilot in command. Asylon uses its RSOC for nationwide remote-controlled drone operations around the clock for customers and guarantees continuous monitoring and operation.

“This approval is a game changer for the industry, which represents a goal that all major players have worked towards. The removal of BVLOS and the removal of the requirement for on-site personnel improve our capabilities, flexibility and capacity to meet the needs of our customers on a large scale. This success reflects the Asylon team's relentless commitment to ensuring 24/7 operations for our customers and putting safety above all else,” explained Brent Mclaughlin, co-founder and COO at Asylon Robotics.

BVLOS drone operations symbolize the future of drone technology and open up a wide range of new applications and opportunities. With this approval, Asylon has established itself as a pioneer in this rapidly developing market and is setting new standards for safety and performance in nationwide operations.

Source: AsylonRobotics


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